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Saturday, August 27, 2005

The war

Many people have asked me how I feel about this war, about Iraq, and how I feel about being half way around thwe world. Well I will try to explain it to you all in here. I am proud to be an American fighting here in Iraq. I feel that every one should have to serve there country for atleast two years if they are able to. That way they can appreciate all the freedoms they have. Our mission here in Iraq was to liberate the Iraqi people and take Sadam out of power I feel we did a hell of a job doing that. Mission was complete, Sadam was gone and the people are free but now we face a new enemy, A coward who will not show there face but will rather use cars to blow us up along with any bistanders that are around. I have see that first hand on more than one ocasion. The worst so far was when a car bomb blew up and killed more than a dozen little kids and one of our own Solders, may he rest in peace. I have see the worst that this country can bring but I have also see the best. I have see the happyness we bring to the people of Iraq. I feel we will be in Iraq for a long time because there are still people that do not want Iraq to be free and will do what ever it takes to keep us from doing our job. But as the world will see The United States will not back down or give in to anybody and we are willing and able to go any where that threatens our security or oppresses people in a dectator fashon. And we will win. My view on Iraq is that this was once a beautifull country and can be again. The people of Iraq are hard working people that want and deserve to be free. My feelings on being away from the country I love, Well that is pretty shitty but I signed up to be a Soldier and I know the sacrifices I have to make. I miss my family and friends but I know that they suport me in my decision. In closing I am proud to be an American serving in Iraq and if you are against this war I say to hell with you. You give up all of your freedoms, all your money, security and live under a dectator and I promise you that you would change your mind on this war.


Friday, August 26, 2005


Many look a life time to find love. Some find it many dont but insted are forced to settle for less than they deserve. The way I see Love is simple even though there is nothing simple about love. I see love as a beautifull butterfly that lands in your hand, Now comes the important part. This is the part that will make your love strong and long lasting or will force you to live a lie and settle for less than you deserve. I feel you have three choices with this butterfly "LOVE" that has landed in your hand. If you hold on to tight you will make the butterfly feel trapped and in time crush the butterfly"LOVE" but if you leave your hand open then the butterfly will fell unneeded and fly away to someone else leaveing you lonely and once again looking for love. But if you close your hand snugly anound the butterfly. She will feel loved and needed and your love will grow and finaly your search for love will be over and you will have your butterfly.

A little about me

Hello my name is Jackie Watson I am 21 years old. I am in the United States Army. I am currently in Baghdad Iraq for OIF 3 . I have many views, beliefs, thoughts,and theroies on many subjects that I will express in my blog. If you are offended or disagree with any of the things I write please let me know. It wont change the way I feel but it is your right as a free American to voice your thoughts. That is a freedom you have and always will even though half of you sorry fucks dont understand or even care to find out the reasons you have all these freedoms that you take advantage of but are quick to bitch and cry if somebody is to impose on them. well I hope you enjoy my blog